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Why Is The Sky Blue? 1
How Do People Survive Lightning Strikes? 2
Why Does Breathing Helium Make Your Voice So High? 3
at TVO 2 temporadas Terminada
Welcome to the Inquiring Minds guide at TV Tome. This informative series answers questions to the most frequently asked questions, in they explain and discuss the subject in most detail they can bring up. Near the end of the show, they answer puzzling questions that were sent in by viewers. This great series has just finished production, but they left with some nominations from the Gemini Awards 1995 - Best Lifestyle Information Series Inquiring Minds Chris Robinson, Michael Kinney 1997 - Best Youth Program or Series Inquiring Minds Chris Robinson, Michael Kinney
  • Wild Bill Hiccup
  • Vanessa Christensen
  • Mari Garcia
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