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Ecto Cooler
Cartoon Network
As Billy desires to be "cool" like Sperg, he has an ectoplasmic manifestation coming out o... Más As Billy desires to be "cool" like Sperg, he has an ectoplasmic manifestation coming out of his mouth. Later, the ectoplasm grows full size and turns out to be the ghost of nineteenth-century British poet Lord Byron, who tries to teach Billy to be cool, using elaborate poetry instead of bare muscles. Subsequently, Billy uses a poem to insult Sperg's mother, and Sperg challenges Billy to a duel. Then, Billy and Lord Byron fight Sperg and his gang, but are badly beaten. In the end, Byron tells Billy he has been trained in the arts of coolness, and disappears. The Schlubs: As Grim watches the entire season of My Troubled Pony TV series (parodying My Little Pony), he learns from Mandy that the show was cancelled and doesn't have an ending. Then, Grim decides to reap the "Schlubs" (a parody of The Smurfs), 100 creatures that live in Billy's yard, to melt them into gold, so he can finance the creation of the series finale. However, Grim must get past Billy and the aggressive Schlubs themselves, including the single, large female (a parody of Smurfette). In the end, after Grim thinks he got the creatures with his scythe, Mandy appears to have used all the gold herself to become rich.
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