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Tsuyoshi brings DJ to Kengo's shop to recover from the medicine. He helps Tsuyoshi and Asagi sh... Más Tsuyoshi brings DJ to Kengo's shop to recover from the medicine. He helps Tsuyoshi and Asagi shop for food in exchange for staying at Kengo's shop. On the way back, they find Haru being tormented by Palhands who are now requesting people to carry Safety Passage Badges should they not wish to be attacked. However Ryuugo decides to back off for the day when Asagi steps up to fight. Haru begs Asagi to return to being Lovegen's boss for a free Shibuya unlike the one Ryuugo wishes to create; she agrees only if Tsuyoshi goes with her. Asagi asked Ema for a nail job and tries to stop her from continuing to involve herself with Tsuyoshi, however Ema reveals that she will not let their past relationship end. After confessing her love to Tsuyoshi, she is finally convinced to return to Lovegen. There she finds out that her parents are not real and that their story is the same as Haru's parents' story. In trying to flee Shibuya, she gets run through by the train, waking up in the real world classroom, however she is soon sent back to Shibuya where she is then chased by Peace. Ema reveals that Tsuyoshi's name is Revu and that he has kept his promise. DJ calls Tsuyoshi over to save Asagi, however he is too late. Ema is stopped from following them when she is confronted by a robot of sorts.
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