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Messager d'Iscandar
TV Tokyo
In the year 2199, Earth is ravaged by attacks from alien beings of the the planet, Gamilus, which ha... Voir plus In the year 2199, Earth is ravaged by attacks from alien beings of the the planet, Gamilus, which have devastated the surface of the Earth and forced what remains of mankind to take shelter underground. To save the Earth, the last of the Earth's space forces must distract the Gamilan forces while a non-Gamilan ship, the Amaterasu, lands on Mars to deliver the Wave Motion Activation Core to the Earthlings. While Captain Mamoru Kodai contains the enemy attack to allow fellow captain Juzo Okita to escape with his forces, Mamoru's brother Susumu and his friend Daisuke Shima investigate the Amaterasu that crashed on Mars. Inside the ship there is the corpse of an alien female, the messenger sent to Earth to make the important delivery to the Earthlings. Susumu and Daisuke return to Earth on the Kirishima, the only ship to return from the battle at Pluto. On the Kirishima, Susumu learns of his brother's death. When the Kirishima reaches Earth, Susumu Kodai looks for Captain Okita to know whether his brother was a decoy or not and meets Yuki Mori, who directs him to the hospital wing. Kodai confronts Okita, who says that it was he who led Mamoru to his death.
  • Joris Bouteau
  • jcsatanas
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