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The Dark Dream Begins
After successfully defeating Hendriksen, the Liones kingdom rejoices and Meliodas seems not satisfie... Voir plus After successfully defeating Hendriksen, the Liones kingdom rejoices and Meliodas seems not satisfied on his success. He reveals to Elizabeth that his journey is far from over. Meanwhile, Ban walks on a dark dwelling where a demon corpse lies. Ban attempts to harness its power and vowed to use it in destruction of the Majin clan but Merlin quickly interferes citing that she needs it also for her experiment. The next day, Elizabeth starts her day by going to the Boar Hat Bar and saw her friends drunk and still asleep while notices Meliodas' absence. As she cleans the yard, she is then greeted by a miniature Hawk, who emerged from being roasted by Hendriksen's power. As they went back to the bar and cites Meliodas' absence again, the latter appears perverted and introduces a new meal which it is still gross and not fit for human consumption. Meliodas then realizes that he needs a key ingredient to make his meals more delicious and he accidentally mentions pork, which Hawk becomes terrified, leaves the bar hastily. Meliodas puts up a contest and will command any order as reward for someone who successfully catches Hawk. The Sins, Gilthunder, Hauser and Elizabeth joins the search and where everybody finds trouble catching Hawk. As Hawk evades the gang, he smells somewhat from the bar and recognizes that cooking comes from Ban. The gang arrives back at the bar, and found Hawk eating Ban's meal. As Ban seems to be a winner on Meliodas' contest, the latter quickly grabs Hawk and telling Ban to settle their differences on the Fighting Festival as a fulfillment of his promise. As night falls and Meliodas accompanies Elizabeth back to the Liones palace, he drops by to a stationary Majin demon which taunts him, forcing Meliodas to release his demon powers and destroying the Majin demon, vows to protect his loved ones.
  • George Clownez
  • Sun Tzu
  • Florian Valentin
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