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In Pursuit of First Love
Diane decides to leave the Boar Hat bar to attend some chores, and King follows her. Recalling the t... Voir plus Diane decides to leave the Boar Hat bar to attend some chores, and King follows her. Recalling the time of confrontation with Hendriksen, a part of Liones kingdom was devastated due to Diane's immense size and collateral damage which the people put blame on her. Diane heads to a construction where she wants to join the rebuilding effort but after introducing herself as the pig-tailed gigantic Sin, the workers suddenly shock upon recognizing her. But instead of hating her, the workers apologize and thanked her for saving the kingdom, which King seems relieved. Diane sees King and decides to play tag with her, avoiding Hauser while having a snack. As they roam freely around Liones, they stop and join the audience at a wedding ceremony. However, a demon appears to interrupt the wedding ceremony. King and Diane use their skills in defeating the demon and the people rejoiced. In the front of the church, King tags Diane and as a reward, King asks Diane if she still remembers him (as a lover). Diane simply answers King with a kiss. King seems to be happy knowing Diane has still feelings for him but a brick suddenly falls on his head causing him to be unconscious. As King wakes up on Diane's lap, he suddenly forgot what happened moments ago. Meanwhile, Dreyfus asks a father and his child about the flying arm and answers him where it is heading. Dreyfus heads to the valley where the flying arm is heading and reveals that he killed the father and child after his inquiry. The flying arm lands nearby a nearly disintegrated Hendriksen, spitting out the Demon Clan insignia but his arm reverts back to normal state. Dreyfus, appears in his subconscious, that they have something to do. Physically appearing to Hendriksen is Dreyfus himself.
  • George Clownez
  • Sun Tzu
  • Florian Valentin
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