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Si Yan is a well-known beauty blogger who accidentally entered the VR system of the national style beauty game. Miss Aojiao has been reduced to a low-level makeup maid. With her superb beauty skills, Si Yan is supplemented by Internet bloggers' hot marketing, publicity, and other modern skills that escape the funny, won the favor of a group of ladies Women's joys and sorrows stories and life attitude. During the strategy process, Si Yan, who wanted to focus on the task without the intention to open the love line, accidentally met the cold-faced and black Qi Guanyi, the loyal dog career fan artificial intelligence housekeeper Jack, Tianjiangguan with "pseudo-male protagonist" Qi Guanbao, the romantic and suave Qi Guanxiu, and the cold noodles. The bodyguard Yunli, the straight man Tiehanhanqi Guanda and many other beautiful male and young protagonists have led to a series of romantic growth stories of high-energy sweet pets.
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  • Isabela Celli
  • Akeel Darrion Persad
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