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from The five remaining teams made the trek over to the Temple Mission to compete... Voir plus from The five remaining teams made the trek over to the Temple Mission to compete for the right to stay on the island for at least two more days. The winning team will also have to make the tough decision on which two teams to send to the Temple of Fate. The game, called ""Eruption"", was based on volcanoes. Pressure builds and builds under the earth's surface until it finally explodes, causing an eruption. This game was the ultimate test of strength and endurance as each team held on to a rope attached to a spring-loaded net containing water balloons that represented a volcano. The team who held on the longest would win ... sound simple? Not so fast. As the teams held on to their own rope, the entire structure holding the nets rose higher and higher off the ground making it nearly impossible to hold on. Since the Orange team had received the Samadhi, their rope was one foot shorter than everyone else's, making it that much harder for them to hold on. After an intense a
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