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Don't Drop the Ball
From In the final Endurance Mission, ""Don't Drop the Ball,"... Voir plus From In the final Endurance Mission, ""Don't Drop the Ball,"" the Blue and Yellow teams competed for the final Pyramid Piece, which the Red Team left behind when they were eliminated from the island. In this game, each team was perched atop their own platform above the ocean. The object was for each team to hold a giant ball over their head for as long as they could. The first team to drop their ball into the ocean would lose. Jon and Sabrina of the Yellow team were steady the entire game, while Aaron and Jonna of the Blue team switched off to allow resting. This proved costly when, during one of their switchovers, they lost control of the ball and dropped it into the ocean, dashing their hopes of yet another victory. With the win, the Yellow team evened things up at five Pyramid Pieces for each team. At the Final Temple, the Yellow team was shocked to discover the final Temple Mission was different from the ""Fire, Wood, and Water"" game the teams had become accustomed
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