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In the season opener, 20 new teens have met in Baja, Mexico to play ""Endurance""... Voir plus In the season opener, 20 new teens have met in Baja, Mexico to play ""Endurance"": a game that will test their strength, mind, and will. The contestants are: Phil, 14 Michelle, 14 Shep, 14 Calley, 15 Maryelle, 14 Glen, 14 Sarah, 14 Scooter, 14 David, 14 Annie, 15 Jeff, 15 Christa, 13 Jacquelynn, 13 Tyler, 14 Abbey, 14 Mike, 15 Wayne, 15 Keetin, 14 Trey, 14 Simone, 15 The contestants, looking worried and a little excited about the upcoming events, ride donkeys to their new homes. During the ride, Calley explains to the cameras that she is scared because she doesn't know anyone. Some contestants are slightly more confident. Scooter explains that he is in it to win it, while Simone admits that people look at her as a 'girly-girl' and she wants to prove that she can hold her own in challenges. During the ride to their new homes, some contestants take time to size up the competition. Trey believes that Phil and Mike look like good c
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