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Bamboo Jungle
From The fallout of Monroe and Bryanah's (Yellow) decision to choose the Gr... Voir plus From The fallout of Monroe and Bryanah's (Yellow) decision to choose the Gray (Chris and Lindi) and Purple (Reece and Sarah) teams to join their ""superteam"" in the Temple Mission is still reverberating the following morning in the jungle. Although some of the players who were not chosen by Yellow, such as Kareem from the Red team, admit that Yellow made a wise decision, Tom and Vanetta (Brown) are disappointed that Yellow chose strategy over friendship. Now, Brown feels like they're in a do-or-die situation — if they lose the day's mission, there's a good chance they'll be heading to Temple that evening. Later on, the contestants meet with JD to find out about the day's Temple mission. But first, JD reiterates that the three teams comprising the winning superteam will be immune from being sent to Temple that evening. The game that will decide which superteam is safe is called Bamboo Jungle. Essentially, it's an obstacle course that will force the contestants to jump
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