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From It's another rainy, dreary morning in the jungle, and the remaining co... Voir plus From It's another rainy, dreary morning in the jungle, and the remaining contestants are trying to adjust to life in the huts without their friends from the recently departed Red team (Rachel and Kareem). JD meets with the survivors to read Red's departing letter and, more importantly, to find out which team Red has left their pyramid piece to. In the letter, the Red team reveals that they found Reece and Sara (Purple team) most trustworthy, so they have decided to bestow their Trust piece upon them. This revelation miffs Tom (Brown team), who expected his good friend Kareem to leave the piece to him. The addition of Red's piece gives Purple the lead in the game, with three pyramid pieces total, followed closely by Yellow (Bryanah and Monroe) and Orange (Nicole and Bryanah), who are tied for second place with two pieces each. JD quickly segues into the day's Endurance mission, which is on everyone's mind. But in typical JD fashion, he slyly throws in a twist: he info
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