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The Final Four
From It's down to the final four teams on Endurance: Hawaii, and with a Temp... Voir plus From It's down to the final four teams on Endurance: Hawaii, and with a Temple mission to be played in the afternoon, everyone is reassessing their loyalties and alliances. In particular, Nicole (Orange team) seems ready to abandon her team's alliance with the Gray (Lindi and Chris) and Purple (Sarah and Reece) teams, out of fear that one of those teams will send Orange to Temple with the perennially picked-on Yellow team (Bryanah and Monroe), should they win the day's mission. No one is more surprised by the newfound friendship between the Orange and Yellow teams than Bryanah, but she realizes that Nicole's offer of a truce isn't one of goodwill, but rather a strategic maneuver to stay in the game. Later, the teams meet up with JD to play the day's Temple mission, You're Fired. Based equally on physicality and luck, the game requires the contestants to shuttle water from the nearby pond into a series of tubs located across a stretch of land using only small pouches.
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