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Hirako et Aizen...La réunion du destin !
TV Tokyo
Hirako and the other Vizards arrive at the fake Karakura town to assist with the fights. When Head C... Voir plus Hirako and the other Vizards arrive at the fake Karakura town to assist with the fights. When Head Captain Yamamoto notices the Vizards it goes into a flash back from 101 years ago. This shows how Aizen performed hollowfication on all of the Vizards. After this it shows how Urahara was banished to the World of the Living, and that all the subjects that Aizen performed hollowfication on were to be treated as regular hollows. Back in the fake Karakura town Kirako asks if the other Vizards want to meet anyone before they continue. Lisa quickly rushes off to see Kyōraku. Hirako states that he is going to see Yamamoto. He explains to him that he is not their ally, but that he is Aizen's enemy. After that he he states that he is also an ally of Ichigo. Wonderweiss Margera starts shouting very loud which causes Fūrā to open up and then releases a lot of Menos, but the Vizards quickly defeat them. Hirako confronts Aizen and hopes to finish it. However Tōsen stops the attack before it strikes. Hirako and Tōsen then begin to fight. Tōsen is about to strike Hirako but is stopped by Komamora. Harribel breaks out of the ice that Hitsugaya enslaved her in and goes for the strike, but Lisa stops the attack in time. Hiyori also comes to help. Mashiro goes and attacks Fūrā and she quickly defeats it and Love and Rōjūrō confront Starrk. Komamora starts speaking with Tōsen which is quickly interupted by Hisagi who wants to join Komamora in defeating him.
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