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Kira, la bataille du désespoir
TV Tokyo
Yumichika reveals that he uses a "nickname" for his zanpakuto to avoid revealing its kido-... Voir plus Yumichika reveals that he uses a "nickname" for his zanpakuto to avoid revealing its kido-based abilities so that he can fit in with the 11th Division, and Cuulhorne is impressed by his resolve to avoid revealing its true nature to others even if he would die. The other fights continue elsewhere, and Findol reveals to Hisagi that he can chip off his mask to regulate his power level. Izuru fights Avirama, whose Resurrecion turns him into a bird and enables him to attack Izuru with heavy steel feathers. Izuru uses Wabisuke to make Avirama's wings too heavy to fly, and reveals that it represents the 3rd Division's belief that war is full of despair. He then decapitates Avirama as he begs for his life, noting afterward that he does not want to be forgiven.
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