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Ep. #8770
Natalie is looking at a cake with ""Congratulations Jen"" on it. Rex walks in an... Voir plus Natalie is looking at a cake with ""Congratulations Jen"" on it. Rex walks in and asks how weird it was to find out that she and Jessica were twins. Jessica, who arrives just in time to hear his comment, wants to know who told him! The doorbell rings and Natalie goes to answer it. Rex explains how he found out and that he tried to talk to her earlier but she was sleeping. Jessica admits that she wasn't sleeping when he knocked on her door, she just didn't want to talk to him. Al is at Max's and tells him that Jen is pregnant. Max starts to ask if it is his, but even before he can finish his statement, Al cuts him off and says no. He tells his father that he was so sure it was his child but the medical reports confirmed the due date. He then begins having wishful thinking about him, Jen and the baby being one big happy family. Jen and Lindsay arrive at Llanfair, commenting on the fact that the mansion is decorated just for her, Jen thanks Natalie. She then hands her a form and practically
  • Samantha Marder
  • Tarra
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