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Ep. #8782
Al bursts into the country club and yells, ""Stop the wedding!"" He holds up Mar... Voir plus Al bursts into the country club and yells, ""Stop the wedding!"" He holds up Marcy's diary and as Cristian trys to chase him out, Marcy whispers to Jen, ""We have a problem."" She quietly reveals to Jen that she wrote that the baby's true father was Al in the diary. As the men of the wedding party try to persuade Al to leave, Jen agrees to speak to him. Jen tries to calm everyone. She drags Al into the hallway. Al reads to Jen the page from the diary that states he is the baby's father. At first she tries to dissuade him, but Al has collected too many facts. She finally tells him the truth, that he is the father. Al demands she cancel the wedding. Jen reminds him he'll go to prison for the house fire that almost killed her. Al decides he can deal with it and sacrifice a couple of years in prison for his child. But Jen counters with even higher stakes: ""I'll make sure there is no baby."" Al is shocked, but Jen reminds him she is still in her first trimester. She accidentally spills that she
  • Samantha Marder
  • Tarra
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