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Welcome to Red Skies guide at TV Tome. From director/producer John Woo (Face Off, Mission Impossible 2) comes this light hearted action series that uses some of the high end martial arts that are featured in films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. A Chinese female cop (Vivian Wu) is arrested after illegally entering the US while chasing a criminal from Mainland China. She is then adopted by the San Diego division of the FBI and becomes a member of it's team. Shawn Christian plays the head of the FBI division. Kadeem Hardison is his partner and best friend. Rachel Crawford plays the junior FBI agent. --------------------------------------------------------- Rules: 1. If you are submitting a quote, do NOT use any short words. (What I mean is, for example, you write the words "Gotta go" in a quote, do not wite "G2G" or "GTG"). 2. No fake episodes. 3. No fake guest stars.
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