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Sand Beige Colored Sadness
Sumomo was seen here learning a transformation spell and capturing her sixth stardrop. Upon returnin... Voir plus Sumomo was seen here learning a transformation spell and capturing her sixth stardrop. Upon returning home, she was struck by the thought that, when she has finished collecting all seven stardrops, Yuki-chan will be returning to the "Land of Stuffed Animals", thus leaving her. The next day, Masaharu considered telling Sumomo the truth about him and Yuki-chan, but Kisaragi-sensei forbid him not to, and made a dire warning to him. Sumomo greeted Masaharu, calling him by his first name (to the shock of their friends). Their friends then pestered him into also calling Sumomo by her first name. Nona, depressed by the fact that Sumomo has used a recipe she had never seen before, practiced doing the recipe herself. She challenged Sumomo to a duel to capture stardrops (she has released hers) when Sumomo, Masaharu and Nadeshiko came to visit her. During the duel, Nona's ladle went out of control because of the recipe she has used multiple times. Knowing the danger Sumomo is into, Masaharu, despite Nadeshiko's intrusion, came to Sumomo's aid, as Yuki-chan has always did. Sumomo then realized that Masaharu is actually Yuki-chan. Because of this revelation, Kisaragi-sensei's warning, that Masaharu will become a stuffed animal forever, came into realization.
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