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Sharla, tu ne peux abandonner !
The children hear the sounds of a large creature outside the shuttle, and Sharla catches a glimpse o... Voir plus The children hear the sounds of a large creature outside the shuttle, and Sharla catches a glimpse of it out the window, causing her to start crying hysterically. The creature bashes the shuttle repeatedly, but after making no progress, seems to lose interest and leaves. In the morning, they find a large footprint in the shuttle's hull, and Chako estimates its height to be around ten meters. Chako deems the shuttle's flight systems useless, but Shingo says he might be able to fix the communications system. They take inventory of what they have with them, and then split up to search for food and water along the beach, with Shingo and Chako staying behind to look at the communications system. Luna tries to cheer Sharla up, but she's very shaken over the recent events, and depressed with their situation in general. Luna and Sharla find some fruit, but a strange carnivorous pitcher plant catches them in its vine-like tentacles. Hearing Sharla scream, Bell and Kaoru come to their rescue, and destroy the plant's pitcher. Shingo doesn't have much success with the communications system and Chako is low on power. The group returns to the shuttle for the night and eat the fruit that Luna, Sharla, Bell, and Kaoru bring back, and Chako uses it to recharge her fuel cell.
  • Audrien Juvigny
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  • dai973
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