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Ceci n'est pas un jeu
The next day, the children set out again to find food and water, this time with Shingo and Chako goi... Voir plus The next day, the children set out again to find food and water, this time with Shingo and Chako going as well. Kaoru is told to go with Shingo and Chako, but is reluctant, and eventually goes off on his own after finding some fruit. At the beach, he finds some obsidian. Bell and Sharla attempt to start a fire, first trying to get a spark from rocks, and then by spinning a stick with their hands. Bell tries until his hands are blistered and bleeding, but insists that he must continue, despite Sharla's pleading. Luna, Menori, and Howard head into the forest. First chasing after a small kangaroo-like creature, they then encounter a giant lizard that chases after them instead. They get away at first, but lose their bearings. While trying to find their way, they find a large fresh water lake, but the lizard catches up with them. The three climb up a very large tree to avoid it, but it is soon scared off by loud thumping footsteps. As the source of the footsteps emerges from the forest, it is revealed to be an elephantine creature with a long prehensile tongue that tries to reach the leaves of the big tree to eat, but it cannot. Howard gets frightened and screams, scaring the creature away. Menori and Luna resolve to climb a small mountain in the distance to re-establish their bearings, even though it will mean they won't make it back to the shuttle by nightfall, and Howard follows.
  • Audrien Juvigny
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  • dai973
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