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Notre marche ne fait que commencer
Kaoru fashions the obsidian he found into a crude spear which he uses to catch a fish. Chako and Shi... Voir plus Kaoru fashions the obsidian he found into a crude spear which he uses to catch a fish. Chako and Shingo collect worms for bait and build simple fishing rods, but don't have much luck catching fish without hooks. Bell and Sharla continue their attempts to build a fire together, and Sharla eventually succeeds shortly before sunset due to her lighter touch and faster hands, despite both of them rubbing their palms raw. The group is concerned that Luna, Menori, and Howard have not returned, and vow to search for them at sunrise. They are also impressed at the obsidian knife and spear-head that Kaoru made, but he insists that the others should make their own. When Bell reveals that the fish should be cleaned and gutted before eating, something that Kaoru didn't know, he realizes that they all need to work together, and makes more knives, and a fishing hook out of bone for Shingo and Chako. The next day, after spending a night in a small cave, Luna, Menori, and Howard reach the top of the mountain, and discover that they are on an island. Despite being at first depressed that there are no people in sight, they are able to find their bearings again. After drawing a map of the island, they return to the lake for more water, then set off for the shuttle again, meeting up with the other children who have started searching for them.
  • Audrien Juvigny
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