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Bâtissons une maison
In the destroyed shuttle, Menori finds her violin undamaged in one of the storage lockers. Luna sees... Voir plus In the destroyed shuttle, Menori finds her violin undamaged in one of the storage lockers. Luna sees the large creature's footprints leading away. Bell manages to re-start the fire from the remaining embers, and the children spend the night in a nearby cave. Luna decides that their only remaining option is to build a house in the Magnificent Tree after all. She comes up with the idea of using the shuttle's broken-off wings for the house's foundation and floor, but Menori quickly points out that the wings simply too heavy for them to move. However, Shingo comes up with ideas for some of the smaller components, such as making pulleys, or using a porthole for a window. The children return to the lake and start to search for more building materials and food, but while Luna is tying a pulley to a branch the huge creature returns, in a frenzy. Luna falls onto its back, and it runs into the lake. Suddenly, she starts to glow pink, and sees the creature's memory of Howard's Magnificent Tree branch, which he'd brought back to the shuttle the previous day, lying in the shuttle's open hatchway. She realizes the creature had been injured trying to reach the branch, and finds a piece of the shuttle sticking out of the side of its neck - when she pulls it out, the creature calms and starts to eat leaves. However, Howard, returning with fish, sees it and screams in terror, which frightens the creature away.
  • Audrien Juvigny
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  • dai973
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