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Daily at ESPN 1 stagioni Finita
Veteran broadcaster Keith Olbermann anchors this nightly sports show featuring intelligent, statistical-based discussion. He's back! Keith Olbermann, who left ESPN in 1997 on less-than-ideal terms (``He didn't burn bridges here, he napalmed them,'' is how an ESPN network press person famously described it), has rebuilt relationships at the network enough to return as host of a late-night show. The hourlong Monday through Friday offering focuses on the day's relevant sports topics, using a mix of perspective and commentary, interviews, contributors, panel discussions and highlights. What it won't include -- stresses ESPN -- is any political commentary from Olbermann, who has also worked as a political pundit on MSNBC and Current TV. Regarding his second act at ESPN, Olbermann said, ``We are indelibly intertwined, and I know we can't go back and undo everything that happened many years ago in those environs, but I would like to do my best to correct as much of it as I can, and I appreciate the fresh start.''
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