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The Leal Brazil and Dom Fernão schools are two public institutions located in the suburb of a large Brazilian city separated by a sea of ​​differences capable of defining the future of its students. While Leal Brazil is nationally renowned, with ample financial resources, Dom Fernão has little investment and support. The differences between colleges are historical and are reflected in a cross-generational feud between students. Leal Brazil students are seen as "the elite," and Dom Fernão's students are labeled "ignorant." Rodrigo (Nicolas Prattes) still needs to learn to deal with the loss of his brother, João (João Vithor Oliveira), some time after the accident that victimized him. Tragedy and guilt have awakened the rebellious, questioning side. Especially before his father, Miguel (Marcelo Airoldi), who even talks about the loss of his son. Rodrigo now confronts him and they argue often. Miguel is surprised, but reacts with the authoritarianism that is characteristic to him. And even against his father's will, Rodrigo ends up approaching Cia (Julia Konrad Viezzer), his brother's ex. Away from the family and alone after João's untimely death, the singer sees in Rodrigo a protector and a friendly shoulder while trying to resume his musical career. Begin a new school year at Leal Brazil and it is time to resume studies. Luciana (Marina Moschen) and Luan (Vitor Novello) are new students. The couple studied a lifetime at Dom Fernão College and, after a few attempts, finally managed to pass the Leal Brazil entrance examination. An approximation between the distinct worlds of the two schools, improbable, but not impossible. Luciana's dream (Marina Moschen) always went to college at Leal Brazil. She received the support of her parents, the waiter Jorge (Eduardo Galvão) and the teacher Sueli (Inez Viana), in all their choices and acknowledges their commitment. The girl takes pride in her family and insists on maintaining ties with her old friends. The boyfr
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  • kety
  • carlosvcoelho
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