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Saturday at Syndication 2 stagioni Finita
Matt Shephard is an Army Ranger, who is more concerned with saving lives than he is with rules, which is why he was discharged from the Army. After returning to his hometown in California, he is approached by a former commanding officer, Xavier Trout, who wants him to form a special unit to undertake missions that are "unofficial". He recuits Benny Ray Riddle, a former Marine Sniper, Chance Walker, a pilot, C.J. Yates, a former British operative, whose specialty is explosives, and Margo Vincent, a former C.I.A. operative. During the second C.J. and Chance were gone and Deke Reynolds and Nick Delvecchio joined the team. —
  • Kevin Brahm
  • Jermaine Cannon
  • Nikolay Punchev
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