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Dana breaks the news to Zach
Following up on their ""date"" on Saturday, Zach prepares himself to ask Dana ou... Di più Following up on their ""date"" on Saturday, Zach prepares himself to ask Dana out again. When Dana belatedly realizes that Zach is romantically interested in her, she brings him to a secluded part of the train in order to talk. Zach misinterprets the move as an opportunity, summons his courage and goes for a kiss. Dana rebuffs his advances and tries to break it to him gently: she has a girlfriend. Nicole's boyfriend Max is planning a surprise trip for her birthday, and Nicole has bought sexy lingerie for the event. Brenda tries to prove she's hip enough to hold her own in a risqué conversation with the younger women. Brenda hopes to follow up on her matchmaking success with Zach and Dana by giving Pete's phone number to her new office assistant, Renee. But Pete has other kittens on his mind: someone has been putting food out for the stray cats invading his yard. He needs to find a way to get rid of them, and fast. Fed up with the smell at his construction site, Johnny has decided to go b
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