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Life. . .and Fisticuffs 2
Life. . .and Therapy 3
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Welcome to the Life. . .and Stuff guide at TV Tome. "Life... and Stuff" centered on a husband (Rick Reynolds) and wife (Pam Dawber) who tried to keep their love-life fresh and cope with the uneasy truths of modern-day marriage. With his stressful job as an advertising executive and her long hours as a housewife and mother, there wasn't much time for romance or meaningful they argued and yelled a lot! Their two sons, Jerry and Shawn, rarely said a word, instead spending their days glued firmly to the TV set. Rick's spaced-out unemployed kid brother, Andy, lived in a motor home in the driveway and spent his days barging in, stealing food and generally mooching from his elder sibling. Jordan, Nancy and Bernie were Rick's co-workers at the advertising agency, and Christine was Ronnie's loopy best friend. Based on stand-up comic Rick Reynold's critically acclaimed autobiographical one-man-show, "Only the Truth Is Funny," the show was compared to "Eve
  • Ken Hommel
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