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The More We Are Together 1
The Ring 2
Run Rabbit Run 3
at ITV1 4 stagioni Finita
On the Buses creators Ronald Chesney and Ronald Wolfe chart the hilarious misadventures of two couples living side by side under strained circumstances. Dad’s Army star James Beck, Jo Rowbottom, Queenie Watts and Arthur Mullard take the lead roles in this comedy of bad manners and one-upmanship amidst the mud, pennilessness and outrageous fashion sense of a run-down 1970s caravan site. Bert Jones is skint, recently married and reduced to living with his new wife in a pokey caravan until their circumstances improve. Unfortunately his general laziness and workshy philosophy ensure that day will be a long time coming, earning him grief from Betty on an ongoing basis. Things go from bad to worse when her houseproud mother decides to pay a visit.
  • RegulusMajor
  • Nishith Raj
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