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Immaculate Deception
Eleanor is feeling dizzy and nauseous, so Roger takes her to see Dr. Florin. It turns out there'... Di più Eleanor is feeling dizzy and nauseous, so Roger takes her to see Dr. Florin. It turns out there's nothing wrong - the tumor is completely gone. In fact, Eleanor is pregnant! Roger and Eleanor are both surprised (she's 42 after all) but Eleanor is depressed because she think Roger doesn't want a baby. However, she is wrong as Roger is in fact extremely happy. Another surprise pregnancy is one the way too, as Sarah informs her patients Kate and Andy Markin that they're expecting. The couple is ecstatic as they thought they couldn't have children. Roger is impressed by the efforts of talented and dedicated intern Dennis DiMayo. Dennis wants a surgery performed on patient Maria Sandoval but she turns out to be an illegal immigrant and the hospital is eager to release her. Roger gives Maria's chart and tells him to hide it so she can't be discharged. Eleanor asks Sarah for advice. She's wondering whether or not to stop taking her medicine as she fears it could hurt the fetus. Dennis tells R
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