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Where the Rubber Hits the Road
Roger is arrested for battery after he amputated Kevin Raives' leg (ep #15). Kevin's fathe... Di più Roger is arrested for battery after he amputated Kevin Raives' leg (ep #15). Kevin's father sues Roger for all he's got. Ronny Wilcox, one of Evan's old patients, is dying from ALS. He wants to die with dignity and asks Evan to get him in contact with someone who can help him commit suicide. Evan is very reluctant but after Ronny nearly shoots himself, Evan takes the gun and agrees to help. Dr. Doug Carter, who performed the amputation on Kevin, testifies against Roger - saying the situation was not life threatening and the amputation wasn't necessary. The case looks dark and Roger is too concerned to share Eleanor's enthusiasm with the baby. Meanwhile, Sarah and the other try to help with the practice as best as possible. Roger feels guilty that Evan and Tim may also lose all thanks to his mistake with Kevin. Evan gets hold of a doctor called Howard to assist Ronny with his suicide. Roger's attorney does his best to prove that the only reason Kevin is suing is because his greedy fathe
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