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Part 2
David sees Agnes at a party in London. David is less happy to see Uriah Heep, Mr Wickfield's cl... Di più David sees Agnes at a party in London. David is less happy to see Uriah Heep, Mr Wickfield's clerk, there as well. David tells Agnes of his love for Dora before running into his old friend, Steerforth. Later Uriah discloses to David his determination to marry Agnes and warns David not to tell Agnes or Mr. Wickfield of his intentions. Soon after, David enjoys an unplanned visit with the Micawbers before visiting Steerforth at his mother's home. David and Steerforth travel to Yarmouth where David visits Peggotty and Mr. Barkis, who has taken ill, before he and Steerforth visit the Peggotty family. Dan, Ham, Emily and Mrs. Gummidge are still living in the boat house. David learns that Ham and Emily will soon be married. Emily confides in David that she does not believe herself to be good enough for Ham, and ignores David's reassurances that Ham loves her more than anyone could. David makes one final stop to visit Peggotty and informs her that he plans on becoming engaged to Dora. At David's lodgings in London, the Micawbers come for dinner and Mr. Micawber reveals that he is now working for Uriah Heep. David reveals to Dora his love for her, and she reciprocates. On returning home that evening, he finds Aunt Trotwood on his doorstop declaring that she is ruined. David and Dora agree to a secret engagement due to his financial situation since he is now without his great aunt's support. David returns to Canterbury to see the Wickfields and discuss his great aunt's situation, but nothing can be done. David reveals to Mr. Micawber that he suspects Mr. Heep of trying to take control of Mr. Wickfield and his business. David informs Agnes of his engagement to Dora. Mr. Heep declares his intention to marry Agnes to Mr. Wickfield who responds with rage. The next day, Agnes tells David that her father has apologized to Mr. Heep since he is now too dependent on him. She appears to be reluctantly accepting her potential marriage. Upon David's next visit to Mr. Spenlow, he finds
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