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The Muse
Disney Channel
Molly looks to find her lost ""muse,"" or inspiration, at an Oregon inn where sh... Di più Molly looks to find her lost ""muse,"" or inspiration, at an Oregon inn where she and her late husband Rick first met and played music together. Jack also is concerned because he doesn't have an interest like music that inspires him. At the restaurant Annie meets a brash young man named Quinn who says he's Molly's muse, sent to help her. He proves his powers on the waitress and a dog. Annie takes him to Molly, but his powers don't work on her. Molly gets depressed and wants to leave without doing a show. Carey finds the dog Quinn made dance earlier thinking it may be the Muse, but now the dog just sits. Quinn admits that this is his first job as Muse. Jack talks to a strange handyman who has been working in their room, and he tells Jack he has to listen for his muse. Molly decides to do the show. On the way out of the inn she mentions the handyman to the owner, who tells her they employ no such person. At the concert something special is revealed to both Molly and Jack.
  • Benjamin Da Ros
  • Thomas Da Ros
  • winny09
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