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Beyond Chaos
Around the world Neo Sapiens are surrendering, bringing the war to a close. Able Squad is performing... Di più Around the world Neo Sapiens are surrendering, bringing the war to a close. Able Squad is performing this duty in South America with the assistance of Thrax. Elsewhere we see that Kaz is now a cadet at ExoFleet Academy, where Avery Butler is now commandant. One day Able Squad is ambushed by Ketzer and his group of genetically altered humans, but Able Squad drives them off. A month later finds Nara returning to Venus, and she attempts to tell Marsala of her feelings for him. But Marsala makes it clear that this cannot be. Nara then experiences another manifestation of her strange abilities. Meanwhile Galba informs Weston that he has made a new body for Alec DeLeon, and transferred his mind from his E-frame's black box into the new body. Marsala makes a moving speech to the Homeworlds Senate convincing them to create one last brood of Neo Sapiens, one that would have the ability to procreate naturally. When Napier goes to a Neo internment camp to announce this, an attempt is made on his life. It is thwarted, however, by a clone of Shiva. Algernon uses GRAF shield technology to reassemble the planet Mars. Winfield gives Marsh one more mission, helping the Pirates dismantle their base on Chaos. He meets Colleen O'Reilly, who tells him she isn't ready to leave the ExoFleet yet. At Chaos, Marsh witnesses a strange phenomenon that causes the planet Chaos to disappear, and it then joins one of three mysterious ships that is en route to the inner solar system.
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