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Jack and Kay Chambers leave their city apartment for an exclusive housing estate, they hope to save their ailing marriage. Hadleigh Corner is the rural idyll of their dreams and the newly-built house is the perfect symbol of their fresh start. At first, all is rosy. The villagers are warm and welcoming and the party invitations are flowing. Even their children seem more settled. But as Jack and Kay try to rebuild their relationship, they discover their new neighbours are anything but normal. What starts as a cosy dinner party suddenly turns into a night of adult party games with absolutely no limits. What's more, the perfectly polished and manicured estate hides a terrible deathly secret. As the truth about Hadleigh Corner is revealed, Jack and Kay are torn apart and caught up in a nightmare, which will change their lives forever.
  • Hollow1477
  • Aiky
  • Marica Who ❤💙
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