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Shipwrecked on a rugged coastline, a young English boy struggles to find his family. 1
Meg is abducted by Te Kahu and Frank destroys the children's meesage to their mother. 2
The children get caught in a battle between the soldiers and the tribe. 3
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Ethan and his sister Amy are travelling by ship from England with their mother Charlotte, to join their father, who has gone ahead of them to establish the family farm. A storm hits, their vessel begins to take on water, and the captain issues the order to abandon ship. Meg, a young thief, is lowered into the lifeboat along with Ethan and Amy. A freak wave washes the life-boat away from the ship. The children wake on a wild shore and begin the battle for survival. Meg is captured by a Maori raiding party and makes contact with a young Maori slave, Tama. After being caught up in armed conflict between Maori and European forces the four children decide to band together to make an epic journey.
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