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Paulino Córdoba (Roberto Blandón), Gabino Roura (Sergio Goyri), Rodolfo Huerta (Francisco Gattorno), and Matías Quiroga (Salvador Sánchez) have been friends since their childhood. As adults, their priorities change and a sin threatens to destroy their friendship. Paulino is the owner of the hacienda El Milagro, which produces and distributes apples, and is married to Rosario (Daniela Castro), with whom he has two children, Lucrecia (Maite Perroni) and César. Rosario has always shown preference for her son and openly rejects her daughter. Rosario's servant, Delfina (Magda Karina), essentially raises Lucrecia alongside her own son, Manuel, and they become like siblings. Lucrecia's best friend is Julián Huerta (Eugenio Siller); they both share the same likes and eventually, as the years pass, come to also share a great love. Gabino Roura is a clever and ambitious man who kills his wife, Inés (Lucía Méndez), in order to seize her fortune. Gabino manipulates his friends and his children, Carmelo (Armando Araiza) and Teresa (Gabriela Carrillo). He is the owner of the best farming lands, which he rents out to Paulino in order to control the distribution and marketing of the apples. Rodolfo Huerta is the teacher in the town of San Pedro; he is an upstanding and hard-working man who is married to Justina (Sabine Moussier), a sensual woman who is dissatisfied with her husband's simple lifestyle, and they have two sons, Julián and Josué (Diego Amozurrutia). It is Justina Almada who detonates the serious conflicts that threaten to destroy the friendship between Rodolfo, Paulino, and Gabino. Matías Quiroga, the priest of the town of San Pedro, sees with a heavy heart that his friends are now enemies and are the principal obstacle for Lucrecia and Julián's love. Unfortunately, Lucrecia and Julián are involved in an accident that costs César his life, and although they are both innocent, Rosario believes them to be responsible. Depression seizes Rosario, wh
  • Dani Deschanel
  • Esmeralda Harrison
  • andreclem__
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