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C1: Vamos a despelucar a un güero 1
C2: Yo soy Tyler Somers, su pariente 2
C3: Me estoy enamorando de ti 3
Weekdays at Canal de las Estrellas 1 temporadas Terminado
Andrea Ibarrola (Itatí Cantoral) is a professional con artist, who uses her beauty, intelligence and charm to fool her victims. In the United States, Andrea has an accomplice named Olinka (Sabine Moussier), who gives her information about Tyler Somers (Juan Soler), her next victim. He is the largest producer of Idaho quality potatoes in the world and at the same time he is a kind and noble man. Tyler was adopted, Rose (Lorena Velázquez) his adoptive mother asks him to find his biological mother Matilde Rojas. Andrea begins to devise a master plan for Tyler to believe that he has found his biological family. She gets in touch with him, saying that she is his sister and that his real mother wants to see him, like the rest of the family, who await him in Mexico with open arms. Andrea hires seven people with financial difficulties to join this fake family. Thanks to the substantial pay, everyone agrees to play their role. Tyler is impressed upon meeting Andrea, his supposed sister.
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  • Diego Chamorro
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