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Hot Shot 1
Rep Side Story 2
Star 3
at Syndication 1 temporadas Terminado
We're in Rep City and chaos is constantly being threatened by the dastardly schemes of BIG BOSS GRAVES, owner of the PLANTATION night club, and his band of hench-reptiles, who are trying to over-run the city. In circumstances like these a town needs something bigger and better, tougher and stronger, smarter and wiser than the Federal Authorities - there is only one way to turn and that is to call in... five stand-up comics!!! It may seem unlikely, but these brothers are no ordinary comics. Apart from their inexhaustible supply of laughs and practical jokes each has his own special talents: BUGSY (purple) is the leader, BERNIE (blue) is the numbers-rex with legs like steel springs, BUCK (yellow) is the smooth talker whose jaws packs a real crunch, BUBBA (green) has a super-powerful tail that never misses a beat, and BRUNO (pink) a right arm so strong that no frisbee's safe when he is around. Put'em all together and what do you get? The one and only T-REX
  • Pablo Moreira
  • Welly
  • FabioDC
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