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The Wind of Fate 1
Let Me Hear Your Heart Flutter 2
The Way of Becoming Prétear 3
Wednesday at WOWOW 1 temporadas Terminado
Prétear is the story of a girl, Himeno Awayuki, who must overcome her fears to become the White Prétear and protect the life essence on Earth called Leafe, with the help of the Leafe Knights, Hayate (wind), Sasame (sound), Kei (light), Go (fire), Mannen (ice), Hajime (water), and Shin (grass). In order for Himeno to fight off the Princess of Disaster and the demon larva, she must become one with one of the Leafe Knights in order for her to become Prétear. Will Himeno be confident enough in order to fulfill her destiny when the time comes?
  • dai973
  • Sami
  • Giovana Petrucci
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