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Assault on Raider Stronghold 1
Back in the Fold 2
Fresh Recruit 3
Saturday at Syndicated 1 temporadas Terminado
This animated series premiered in July 1987 as part of "The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera" and was based on an action figure line from Kenner Toys. The story revolves around a group of soldiers and mountaineering specialists who battle the evil General Lucas Plague and his squad of mercenaries. The series is set on a new continent deep in the South Pacific that was created by the emergence to the surface world of a new, powerful, unstable radioactive element called "Phaeta Seven." General Plague wants to control this element and harnesses its enormous power to rule the world, and it is up to General Mike Summit and his soldiers to stop him.
  • Ash
  • Cyborg
  • DiegoTorres
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