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Drippin' Episode!
Michael tries to introduce his new slang word, "drippin", which means "good," &q... Mais Michael tries to introduce his new slang word, "drippin", which means "good," "awesome," or "sweet." Logan gets a care package from his father, who is away in Japan, which includes a super-scary horror movie called Shinnyuusha. Evidently, Dustin freaks out from watching this movie and stays with the girls overnight. The girls learn that Dustin was only scared for the first night and that he stayed for a couple of more nights because he missed hanging out with Zoey. Meanwhile, the guys’ dorm encounters a new problem – the fire alarm goes off every night. At the end it turns out it was Logan's illegal J-Phone from Japan that was setting off the fire alarm, which leads to Logan getting beaten soundly by the other boys in his dorm building.
  • redzi92
  • Esteban Erveilel
  • Mali Diaby
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