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Episode 1: The Deception Begins 1
Episode 2: It Just Gets Crazier 2
Episode 3: Mule Acts Like An Ass 3
Tuesday at TVNZ 1 temporadas Terminado
Welcome to the Living The Dream guide at TV Tome. What would you do if your entire world turned out to be fake? If a group of writers, producers and actors spent six months creating TV's most elaborate experiment all around you? If they plotted your every move, recorded it 24 hours a day and put it on national television... well that's exactly what happened to Sam Chambers in Living the Dream. The star nine actors are: Sarah Thomson as Tiffany, the rich bitch; Stephen Hall as Mule, the ex-SAS soldier; Jason Fitch as Mick the prick; Victoria Blackman as Mary, the virgin; Awanui Simich-Pene as Rima the schemer; Jeremy Birchall as Billy, the gay guy; Charlie McDermott as Ben, the best mate; Kirsty Cooke as Betty the new age flake, and Mark Ferguson as the smarmy host. Over the coming weeks, Sam and his eight housemates compete in increasingly bizarre challenges - all of them designed to push the actors and Sam to the limit, and to parody real reality TV shows. Can a bunch
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