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Garbage Trivet Free-for-All 1
The Utensil Wind Chime Rumble 2
The Snack-Cake Wedding Cake Cage Match 3
Wednesday at E! 1 temporadas Terminado
Welcome to the Craft Corner Deathmatch guide at TV Tome. Do you dare to decoupage? Are you aesthetically aggressive? Is pain on your palette? Then maybe, just maybe, you're tough enough to handle Craft Corner Deathmatch, every Wednesday night at 10 on the Style Network. It's Martha Stewart Living meets Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome when amateur crafters compete against each other, against the clock--and against the imposing Craft Lady of Steel. Armed with nothing more than hot-glue guns and a few basic materials, the contestants must swiftly assemble projects that are judged on beauty, creativity and utility. Host Jason Jones is the devious ringmaster, throwing twists into each challenge and riling up the bloodthirsty studio audience. For these hardened competitors, honor's at stake. But what's in it for you, besides the gut-wrenching thrill of watching two desperate do-it-yourself divas go mano a mano? Gladiator training, that's what: Each epic episode offers battle-tested


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