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Welcome to The Adventures of A.R.K. guide at TV Tome. The adventures of A.R.K. is a show about a group of vet volunteers,a vet.and a vet assistant who in every half hour episode help animals in need.At the end of every show during the end credits they talk about the animal that was featured in that episode.In each episode there is an animal in need that they try to help,but in some episodes it also can deal with that issue and another issue and it will be connected somehow.There is one boy who even has a monkey for a pet.This show deals with some pretty serious issues involving animals.You would be surprised at some of the things that these kids go through to save these animals.Even though sometimes they have to go through some tough things to save them,but no matter what it takes to save these animals they always come through.In the last season there was only one episode {changes in the air} to show the changes that are happening in the show,but even though there are a bunch of
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