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Anatole's Parisian Adventure 1
Sewer Rats 2
The Mouse Who Cried Wolf 3
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Based on the Caldecott Award-winning book series by Eve Titus, Anatole tells the tale of a dignified mouse, Anatole. A loving husband and father to six charming children from outside of Paris, Anatole acts as an ambassador between the mouse world and the human world. From his adventures on the streets of Paris, Anatole provides an understanding of the value of diversity in a multi-cultural society. Venture out and take an exciting trip with Anatole. CHARACTERS Anatole - Every night when most everyone in France is fast asleep, a small figure in a jaunty beret and smart blue smock kisses his wife goodbye and bicycles into Paris. His name is Anatole, and he works at the world famous Duval Cheese Factory as a cheese tester. But Anatole is not just any tester he is unique. He is acknowledged as the very best tester in the country and his opinion is valued above all others, and yet no one has seen his face, for he prefers to work alone at night, his only companion being the lovel
  • Alexandra Delva
  • blu.pony 🇵🇹
  • Maureen Sampere Cruz Correia
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