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Set in 1832, Escape of the Artful Dodger picks up where Charles Dicken's novel "Oliver Twist" left off. It follows the life and adventures of Jack Dawkins aka the Artful Dodger as he is transported to Australia for 7 years. He wants a new life and a new start... On the ship Pride of Erin, Oliver is also aboard, being accompained by Hannah, who has come from Hamburg, Germany to find her brother Will who is already in Australia as her parents are now dead. But on the voyage she finds out that the Captain is planning on framing the Dodger from a crime he is going to committ as they escape from the ship all the adventure and danger begins... The series was filmed entirely in New South Wales, Australia, and was nominated for Best Children's TV Drama at the 2002 Australian Film Awards. Other Titles Working Title: The Fate of the Artful Dodger German Title: Verloren in Sydney
  • Denard
  • Oliver Moreno
  • Andy Meadors
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