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Welcome to The Army Show guide at TV Tome. This is a comedy based around a supply company Army Fort Bendix. The Army thought it was closed in 1974, but it has survived as a base full of slackers. When it is discovered, the Army sends in Lt. Brandford R. Handy (<B>Craig Anton) and a new C.O. to whip them into shape. This disrupts the life-styles of Master Sgt. Dave Hopkins (David Anthony Higgins, "<B>Ellen</B>"), the base mechanic Corporal Rusty (<B>Toby Huss, "<B>King Of The Hill</B>", "<B>Nikki</B>"), Pvt. John Ceaser (<B>John Sencio), a pretty boy sentenced to a four-year term for hacking into the banking system, "Smart" Eddie (<B>Brian Posehn, "<B>Mission Hill</B>"), a genius former postman who was recruited so that he can win stuff for the base on game shows, Ozzie, a simpleton, and Lana (<B>Ivana Milavich), a ballsy and scary soldier. Dave is usually running scams, which Handy tries to stop, although the C.O. supports both of them.
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