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Breakaway (2)
Mrs. Sauvé suggests that Holly J. takes an SAT prep course, but due to her family's financial... Mais Mrs. Sauvé suggests that Holly J. takes an SAT prep course, but due to her family's financial difficulties, she can not afford it. Meanwhile, Fiona convinces her mother to let her stay in Toronto, to be with Holly J. Envious of Fiona's free spending of money, Holly J. uses the password Fiona told her in confidence to get into Fiona's bank account, and "borrows" $2,000 in an attempt to pay for her SAT prep course. She ends up feeling guilty and breaks down to Fiona about the situation, but Fiona becomes upset. Holly J. apologizes, promising to pay her back somehow, and Fiona forgives her due to the fact of their lack of friends, and they only have each other to rely on. Meanwhile, Clare finds out about her rumored boob job, and that Jenna was behind it all. Clare confronts Jenna, and puts her in her place. Anya lies to the school to save face, and says that she had a "miscarriage". Sav lies to his mother about why they were alone together in the house, and Anya breaks up with him.
  • polau20
  • Boulette
  • Lucas Gesta-Blanc
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