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Still Fighting It (2)
Riley upsets Zane again when he takes things too far with Owen. His intentions were to show Owen the... Mais Riley upsets Zane again when he takes things too far with Owen. His intentions were to show Owen the homophobic comments will not be dismissed, but Zane sees that Riley is just being violent and he doesn't like it. After Zane is put in danger, Riley realizes what Zane said, about violence not being the solution, and tries to win Zane's forgiveness when he bids the most on Zane at the bachelor audition. Riley agrees not to fight any more, winning back Zane's trust. Claire uses Adam to help understand Eli and find out why he has been giving her mixed signals. She finds out where Eli lives after forcing Adam to tell her using guilt. Claire confronts Eli at his house, and Eli decides to tell Claire the truth because he doesn't want to continue to hurt her. Eli drives Claire to a spot in town where he reveals is where his ex-girlfriend had died on the way home, by getting hit by a car while riding her bike, from an argument they had. Eli blames himself and tells Claire that he doesn't want that to happen again and that was the reason why he was giving her mixed signals. Meanwhile, Drew tries to teach Wesley to be more confident, but with no one bidding on him at the auction, Anya bids on him for two dollars and wins him, making Wesley happy, even though no one else bid on him beside Anya.
  • polau20
  • Boulette
  • Lucas Gesta-Blanc
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